Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Can you Belize it? TGTV goes international - 39 countries and counting.

Well, this is going better and faster than I had originally planned. At this rate, I'll actually have to post something of value. In fact, I should probably tell you here that TGTV is going to ramp up the discourse soon, with bigger think pieces where I'll ask you to comment in depth if needed (or smart from the heart - that'll work, too).

In the meantime, I'm happy to report that 39 countries have checked out TGTV. Well, maybe 38. In one slot, Google Analytics reports from a country whose origin is "not set." Still, 10 visitors from there. Welcome good people of Not Set! The rest are:
1. The U.S. (Duh.)
2. Canada.
3. United Kingdom.
4. Australia.
5. France.
6. Japan.
7. Not set.
8. Brazil.
9. Germany.
10. Israel.
11. New Zealand.
12. Hungary.
13. Denmark.
14. Spain.
15. Netherlands.
16. Norway.
17. Italy.
18. Mexico.
19. Hong Kong.
20. Ireland. (Yo, those are my people! Let's see some more hits!)
21. Sweden.
22. Venezuela.
23. South Africa.
24. Thailand.
25. China.
26. Phillipines.
27. Switzerland.
28. Belgium.
29. Argentina.
30. Belize.
31. Kuwait.
32. Bulgaria.
33. Greece.
34. Luxembourg.
35. Finland.
36. Turkey.
37. Pakistan.
38. Poland.
39. Austria.

I'm humbled, thrilled and inspired. I guess I'll have to give you something to talk about or, barring that, something cool. By the way, mark your calendars: When I go "on vacation" (if you are in, Belize, let's say, just picture me at home, in my Adidas sweats, pretty much doing errands. Nothing cool. I'd trade places with you. House swap?) on Dec. 17th, through, "whenever," virtually all my blogging will be done on this site. It's like going out into the shed. In the New Year I'll be firing up The Bastard Machine as usual, but we'll do some intimate little notes from right here at TGTV until then.

Lastly, if you're from one of these countries, leave a comment! It's a small world. What's so funny about peace, love and understanding?

Also feel free to leave a comment if you're FROM one of these countries yet currently here in the States, exiled or not.


mcnutty said...

i would think 2/3 of the countries on that list don't even have access to most of the shows discussed. why in the world are they reading? is the wit of goodman just that irresistable? maybe TGTV means something entirely different in those countries.

annnna said...

Yay, Aliens in America reference!
Actually, I'm sure there's lots of ways in this age of technological advance that people from other countries have access to the shows. (torrents, anyone?)

Trixie said...

Holy Epcot Center! Congratulatons, Tim. I thought we were having an intimate little tea party here. Well, it's San Francisco, so a dungeness crab and chardonnay party? Or in Oakland, a Zachary's Pizza and Anchor Steam party? Now I feel like a complete loser for not making it to your event at the JCC since all I had to do was take the #43 Muni for a buck fifty, not cash in frequent flyer miles.

ppage said...

Congrats, Tim!

Geez, you've got hits from Kuwait. It's probably just a matter of time before the entire Middle East is tuned in. You could be, Tim Goodman, International Blog Peace Keeper. Just a matter of time before your action doll is in the stores.

Am glad you're going to keep TGTV alive over the holidays.

Tim Goodman said...

Hey, PPage! Don't forget to listen to the TV Talk Machine podcast tomorrow. I thank you for the robe. And I'll do it again here: Thanks. It was very sweet of you. I'm gonna have to shorten it up a bit, though.

suzyq2 said...

Hey honey, these States ARE a country on the list. So we have to share you with the world, uh. Now I know how MrsCP must feel.

Itai said...

Shalom (again) from Israel - where the weather allows for shorty-robes more days a year than SF does (wasn't it Mark Twain who said the coldest winter of his life was the summer he spent in SF?)

As for Mcnutty's comment - I don't know about the rest of the countries, but I would refer you to annna's comment regarding ways foreign countries can watch US shows nowadays - no longer having to wait for local stations to air them, if at all. Time's Tune-In blog once mentioned it - and, Sir Tim, this could be an interesting international blog subject (How, is at all, has your TV watching habits changed since torrents came into our lives).

Happy holidays,


Laura's Husband said...

Hey Tim...great stuff as always...my favorite creation of yours is the "Everything we know we learned from television" pieces...so anything along those lines you can post on this-here blog would be great. Thanks for sharing!

IceX2004 said...

I still don't see the great & sovereign state of IceX Land listed amongst the other countries that have checked in.

No respect!!!

The Duke said...

Liechtenstein calling. This postage-stamp sized domain lies at your feet. But be careful. Word on the street is that The Prince is mighty steemed that you left "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" off your list. He's a big Burl Ives fan.

The Duke said...

Liechtenstein calling. This postage-stamp sized domain lies at your feet. But be careful. Word on the street is that The Prince is mighty steemed you left "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" off your list. He's a big Burl Ives fan.

c_in_c said...

my cousin lives in russia at the moment, although he may be in south africa on vacation. i'll get him to check you out from both places. he may even get hooked.

looking forward to the podcast
-up here in canada

Debster said...

What, no India???? Second most populated country in the world???? I will work on my husbands family, see if we can get representation from at least one of a BILLION people...

Debster said...

By the way, love both blogs and the articles, have been reading them sence the beginning. Snarky but never really mean. First time I have felt compelled to add my two cents worth. Your regulars usually are too witty for me to contend with.

ljlkc said...

It's like a checklist for places I should visit. Tim--do try to make it out to Belize before the cruise industry ruins it. It's an amazing and beautiful country, just don't eat in the tourist restaurants--get a local to make some beans and rice (or rice and beans, whichever you prefer).

LizaInSF said...

"Yo, those are my people!" Oh you sweet-tongued Irish charmer, you. Clearly gave the Blarney stone a big sloppy one last time you were Home.

TGTV: the new UN. Why in the world not?

Geoff said...

Jamaica checking in...don't take it personally, but what led me to your blog was "The Wire" and it's the main thing I'm here for. You write pretty good though :D I like your "Lost" commentaries as well.

Halli said...

Hey Tim,

What with iTunes, why not an international audience of expatriates desperately wanting to connect to american TV?

Wish I could be posting this from Iowa, though.

Captain Black said...

Hi Tim,

Another "UKian" (as one of my American friends - she's from Virgina - likes to refer to us) reporting for duty.

I've been listening to your podcasts with Question Boy for a good few months now, and have become a fan of several shows based on your recommendation.

Good luck with the world domination, and with the help of all of these bastards (that's me failing miserably to force a Life on Mars reference in) I'm sure it can't be far away!

apants said...

Oregon used to sound so exotic and far away. And don't get me started on that podcast. Don't even get me started! I have a thing or two to say about that caller who showed me so much disrespect. As if Joe would be talking about the recent ABC remake of the Night Stalker. That was more of an insult to Joe than to me. I am irked. Irked!

Mallowman said...

Hi Tim, I'm an Irishman currently domiciled in Fremont, CA, but who is typing this while on a business trip to Hong Kong. Thanks for the shout-out to me and my countrymen. Love the blog (both this one and the Bastard Machine. Keep it up.

ppage said...

You're welcome, Tim! Enjoy the robe.......Loved the podcast!

Tim H said...

Hail Tim of the Shorty Robe, it's Tim from Monterey (as I've managed to be described on the podcast a couple of times) here - and I'm originally from the UK, so can legitimately comment on this thread!

As you probably have totally forgotten (if you actually remember the following, then I'm scared on your behalf) I've been Captain Rabbit Ears down here in Monterey and was looking for reasons to go cable.

Well, I now have Dish Network - watched Liverpool lose to Reading and the Sharks lose to the Sabres - wondered if I was cursed.

Then Liverpool kicked Marseilles ass (arse?) and the Sharks kicked the Wild's ass (arse?) - the curse is lifted.

I have a DVR now too, but so far am not DVR'ing Life on Mars as I'm a season behind and my Netflix queue is full of The Wire (almost finished season 1 - loving it so far).

You should be proud of TV's (and your) influence on my life!


Dublin_Lad said...

I think this goes to show that the Irish are everywhere! I've been checking the Goodman's column and blog for over a year now. The best way to find out what new shows are coming from across the Atlantic...

dublin_lad said...

ps for tim_h, don't get too execited. Liverpool aren't going to beat Manchester United in this weekend's Grand Slam Sunday game :)

Tim H said...

dublin_lad, Sunday is indeed a dilemma - over here the Arsenal Chelsea game is on FSC (the football channel I get) and the Liverpool Man U game is on Setanta (the US version of Setanta) which I could get for an extra $15/mo.

So the reality is I'll probably not see the Liverpool game, which from a curse / no curse aspect is really a wash for their prospects - I'm still hopeful Liverpool will prevail but am fully aware it'll be a hard thing to achieve.

maplelicious said...

Tim, as one of the many Canadians living in sf, let me say that we appreciate you pimping "Can-con" (Canadian content) with your DVD recommendation for Slings and Arrows.

sabrina said...

A former Bay Arean who relocated to Finland 7 years ago, here. I've been keeping up with your reviews/blog via the Net (aka an ex-pat's best friend). It's not quite the same as having the Chronicle on the table in front of me along with a cup of Peet's, but we do what we can.

Merry Christmas to you, the Mrs, and the smaller CrankyPantses!

Will G said...

Hate to break it to you Tim, but it's extremely likely that a large number of your foreign visitors are not real people. Many are undoubtedly disguised web bots, searching pages like yours for email addresses and other personal goodies.

A telltale sign of a disguised bot is that the visitors IP address – when googled – shows up on an eclectic variety of strange internet venues. The number of page views for that visitor will also commonly equal the number of hits for that visitor.

Shane said...

Ireland here....


alfred said...

Hi from Spain,

Not only I enjoy reading your blog, Tim, but you're my main source of advice to check out new TV series.

I get them by downloading them but, hey, I've then proceeded to buy dvd sets for Soprano and The Wire -for now. So, you're helping solve the trade deficit!

Anonymous said...

Exile here. Moved to New Zealand for the obvious reason. Our TV access is lame and we get a few of the good shows about one season behind. Which means I have to do a search of your column to see if it's worth the time.... Thanks for being there.

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