Monday, December 17, 2007

The Iowa Conspiracy; 10 new countries and some housekeeping.

Why is it that Indonesia is willing to check in at TGTV but Iowa is not? Is there a glitch in the system? We've got comment proof that people from Iowa have said "Hello!" But, uh, we're they actually in Iowa or merely from Iowa? I'm kind of loving this. The great state of Iowa holding out, not wanting to know about "Dexter" or "Extras" or the fact that I posted all the good TV Talk Machine podcasts on this here blog, for your convenience. Nope. Iowa says no. Iowa is busy. Election stuff. Snow. General disinterest in SF. Who knows. I will say that if you're actually in Iowa, not just from Iowa, and you're reading TGTV, then by all means let me know. It might be nice to tell Google that it did something wrong, that it has a glitch in the system.

Elsewhere, since I last posted about TGTV going international, another 10 countries have signed on, bringing the total to 49 (and yet, no Iowa....hmmm...). Anyway, the 10 newbies are:
1. Malaysia.
2. Haiti.
3. Czech Republic.
4. Singapore.
5. Taiwan. (Did you know Mrs. CrankyPants lived in Taiwan for six years, in two different stints?)
6. Jamaica.
7. South Korea.
8. India. (Well, you'd think the odds were in my favor. 1 person in, what, a billion?)
9. Russia. (Ditto, though lesser totals. And yet, the math is essentially the same.)
10. Indonesia.

Alrighty, then, onto the housekeeping stuff. I'm on vacation but still compiling my year-end lists and still likely to keep putting stuff up here. So keep checking back. I'm also working on my "best Christmas music" list, which should come pretty quickly because that's pretty much all that I'm listening to lately. We've got a great tree (had it since Dec. 1). I'm a sucker for Christmas. Can't get enough of it. Except that late shopping thing. I'm over that already.

Oh, lastly, you'll notice that I did tweak the minimalism of this blog by posting the links to the aforementioned podcasts. I only did the good ones. I hope you take a listen if you haven't already. And who knows, as the days go by, maybe I'll put up some pictures or something. You know, move in...


lieber said...

Anxiously awaiting your "best Christmas music" list; I'm having a bit of trouble getting in the spirit. I'm channeling Iowa here.

nithos said...

Making this post in Iowa, at least that is what the 3 calls a night asking me who I will be supporting in the Caucus lead me to believe.

lieber said...

tah dah!

Will G said...


Hate to break it to you Tim, but it's extremely likely that a large number of your foreign visitors are not real people. Many are undoubtedly disguised web bots, searching pages like yours for email addresses and other personal goodies.

A telltale sign of a disguised bot is that the visitors IP address – when googled – shows up on an eclectic variety of strange internet venues. The number of page views for that visitor will also commonly equal the number of hits for that visitor.

Pete said...

Hi Tim,

I'm a long, long time lurker from the Bastard Machine. I lived in Ess Eff for a few years and got hooked on your column.

Love the new blog and hope your RSI doesn't get much worse with all the added typing.

But, keep 'em coming! Glad to hear you're moving in!

Tim Goodman said...

Will G, I hear what you're saying and some if it is undoubtedly true, but I'm also getting a lot of e-mail from those countries so some of those people are obviously real and reading, which is cool...

clanmurphy said...

Hey Tim,

I too am listening to Christmas tunes non-stop. Love this time of year. My votes for best Christmas albums are A Putumayo World Christmas, Santa's Greatest Hits, and Harry Belafonte's To Wish You a Merry Christmas.

And all I want for Christmas is for January to get here quick so I can start watching The Wire!

Jebediah said...

Curious about what other people will have as their best christmas music. Started looking through my christmas music playlist to see what I could come up with also.

George D from the 415 said...

Tim, wtf? You said you were posting all the best podcasts and you only posted the interview ones. What about all of the wonderful question boy banter the fools who do not regularly visit the Bastard Machine are missing out on? COME ON!

ppage said...

You're so right about The Wire. I can't wait for January. Just finished rewatching Season 4. Man, I forgot how much it disturbed me to see Bubbles so tortured.

I hope Santa brings me lots of HBO & Showtime dvds.

lalalysa said...

I'm sitting here watching Prez prep his room in Soft Eyes...Cutty getting hit on by the mamas...Tommy prepping for the debate...getting excited about the coming season.

I'm usually a TBM/TGRV lurker for the most part, but I wanted to remind you all about two The Wire specials on Thursday and Friday night. Thursday's looks like a recap of the previous seasons, but the Friday one looks ahead to the role of the media in the coming season.

Just doesn't get any better.

mdg said...

Bonjour de Paris Tim! Bon Fetes! Please appreciate that in order to make this post I had to decipher Blogger instructions in French.

djnightowl said...

Was just gonna say-between the political campaigning and the blizzard conditions, might be a week or two before those folks in the Corn-Fed state get around to that new-fangled internet thing again...butin the meantime, Tim, "Hola" from Sacramento, and here's hoping you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

taiuqsab said...

I'm from Iowa (lived in Marin for six years, currently living in Minneapolis) and I am IN Iowa for the holiday. I greatly appreciate the viewing advice from everyone involved. I've never posted before because I didn't feel I had anything important to say. True Iowa thinking... sorry to be a lurker. Thank you everyone.

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