Friday, December 7, 2007

Televisory: "Dexter" post this weekend for the finale and I'm now open to suggestions for my year end best-of lists.

Of course, when have you ever known me to swayed when my mind is made up? And yet, send them in. I've got my No. 1 already picked out. And no, it's not "The Sopranos." But then again, I may end up making several lists. I just put up a post at The Bastard Machine about the "Dexter" finale low-down, plus I reposted the Michael C. Hall podcast. Check it out. Check you later. I'm heading to the movies. (That almost never happens.)


lieber said...

Which movie?

I'm guessing that The War will be pretty high up on your list.

What's a wnkyt?

c_in_c said...

Yep, The War, MythBusters, Extras (the holiday special to be shown next week)

. . . and then there's my son's faves: Popular Mechanics for Kids, Super Why?, Jack's Big Music Show, How It's Made.

Or my favorite, The Soup. That one surely isn't on any list, is it?

apants said...

Okay, I haven't mentioned it yet but I think Tim needs to get on board and talk about the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! I think this is one of the greatest television shows on the television in the year 2007. I love it so much. Am I alone in this? Am I the weird one here? Isn't it great? Is anyone on my side?

Tom Mason said...

The Wire, absolutely.
The Brotherhood

shar said...

LOST, The Office, The War, Hereos, can't think of a 5th.

muddler said...

apants, I don't think I can quite agree with you on T&EASGJ's greatness. It's good, and some skits are better than good (and I'm impressed with the actors and comedians they've gotten to join in), but when they can't think of something actually funny to write into a scene, they resort to the same devices over and over. "Oh look, vomiting again. Hilarious." In the realm of Adult Swim, it's better than some (Squidbillies, 12oz. Mouse, Stroker & Hoop), but not nearly as good as others (Venture Bros., Harvey Birdman, Frisky Dingo, Robot Chicken, Lucy Daughter of the Devli, etc.)

And yes, I'm up way too late on Sunday nights.

BobMac said...

This season's shows generally blow, so I'll include my favorites from all of 2007:

Battlestar Galactica
Lost (the season-ender made up for the whole season)
The Office
Friday Night Lights (season two not so much)
30 Rock

muddler said...

By the way, thanks for starting up TGTV, Tim! I love that your solution to "too much blogging" is another blog. Out of all the blogs I read, you're now writing half of them.

Oh, and the Top 5? The things I most looked forward to each week, TV-wise? (My list couldn't possibly match your list - I haven't seen The War or the most recent season of The Wire yet. And I only have myself to blame.)

1. Lost
2. Dexter
3. Mad Men
4. Pushing Daisies
5. Harvey Birdman

mcnutty said...

In no particular order ...

Flight of the Conchords
30 Rock
The Office
Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares (not the Fox one, and only for the hilarious scene in every episode where he inexplicably bares his leathery old man chest to put on his chef shirt)

annnna said...

The Office, 30 Rock, Pushing Daisies, Flight of the Conchords, Scrubs. Those are the shows I love and consistently watch every week. Oh, and Weeds. That's my list for best shows of the year.

oliviathunderkitty said...

Californication, Big Love, Weeds and, yes, I'm serious, Tell Me You Love me. Big Love and Weeds got off to shaky starts but turned dazzling fairly quickly. Californication, that yummy guilt-laced bonbon, wins hands-down for best cover tunes. I'd nominate Madeleine Martin (Becca) twice in this category, for "Surrender" and the hilariously relevant and cheesy "Only Women Bleed." And, really, has a bad boy ever been more irresistible and a nice guy more annoying? Tell Me You Love Me became increasingly compelling and remained somewhat uncomfortable to watch, which I found interesting; a smart and complex program, so very well done.

sturat said...

Apants, to quote Lundberg in the movie Office Space, "Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and disagree with you on that one...". I can barely stand to watch it and usually don't. As muddler said, T&E... doesn't hold a candle to other Adult Swim shows like Robot Chicken and the Venture Bros.

Top shows for the year? Sure, here goes...
1. Dexter
2. Mad Men
3. Californication
4. The Shield
5. The Sopranos
6. 30 Rock
7. The Office
8. Lost
9. Damages
10. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Honorable mention: Brotherhood, Heroes, Weeds, and Friday Night Lights

What? No Wire? Remember, per Tim's rules the most recent season of The Wire was in 2006 (season four). I have no doubt -- no doubt -- that the upcoming final season will be outstanding and will be at the top of my list next year.

mdg said...

Our favorites this year have been Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who (though we still miss Christopher Eccleston). I wonder if it's possible to get a BBC satellite feed.

We liked more of the freshman shows than you did, but we've given up on Pushing Daisies. Call it saccharine overload.

apants said...

Good. I want to stay misunderstood and on the fringe. You played right into my hand.

islandgal said...

I hope you went to see "no country for old men. I think it was great.

IceX2004 said...

*Pushing Daisies
*Countdown with Keith Olbermann
*30 Rock
*Amazing Race

MJ said...

Besides all the obvious choices I think Dirty Sexy Money deserves a little honorable mention. Great cast. Guilty pleasure story lines.

Trixie said...

In no particular order:
Pushing Daisies
Mad Men
Aliens in America
Tell Me You Love Me
The War
The Office

MrcCP said...

Island Gal -
We saw "American Gangster." It was good -- but too long. Tim already saw NCFOM. He loved it. (I have not yet seen it.)

girlina said...

here's how i see it goin' down:

The War
The Wire

Weeds? Mad Men? The top five seem to be the ones you wax the proflically and poetically. for me and my house:Big Love,Rescue Me, and Mad Men.

pizzadrone said...

Mad Men
The Sopranos
The Office
Pushing Daisies

I would say The Wire, but did The Wire have a season in 2007? Season 4 was awesome, whenever it was :).

Cylon said...

In no real order:

Battlestar Galactica
Friday Night Lights
The Shield
30 Rock
Mad Men

MaxPower said...

Mad Men, 30 Rock, Flight of the Conchords, The Sopranos, The War, Big Love, It's Always Sunny, Lost, Dexter, Reaper. I think that's ten.

No Country for Old Men was phenomenal, probably the best page-to-screen adaptation I've ever seen. In a weird way, Anton Chigurh reminds me of Marlo from The Wire. Not the character, but what he represents.

quarlas said...

1. The Wire
2. Sopranos
3. 30 Rock
4. Lost
5. The Office

r.g.kinski said...

Besides the Warriors' comeback wins on On Demand, the only thing I watch without fail is Keith Olberman's Countdown. I tape it and watch it later. Before I remembered that thingy under my cable box called a video cassette recorder, I sometimes left work early to watch it, if something particularly heinous happened that day.

The other shows I watch fairly faithfully:

The Soup (thanks for mentioning it, cinc, I woulda forgot).

and 30 Rock, because I love the idea that Tina Fey was an unheralded writer amidst a bunch of men and now she's starring in her own sitcom. And because it's well-acted and funny.

I watched Prison Break this season out of loyalty to Robert Coleman and Laurence Mason, but once they've croaked, I probably won't watch anymore. What the HELL is the plot of that thing, anyway?

r.g.kinski said...

Robert WISDOM dammit - ol' Bunny Colven, formerly of the Baltimore P.D.

Tintin said...

Casting my vote(s):

1. Dexter - top of the list becauseI'm so crazy for it these days.

2. Mad Men - As a 1960's baby, I gotta be true to 'my year'. But what a show, so stylized, the smoking, the drinking before noon.

3. The Sopranos -- gone but not forgotten.

4. The War -- I never realized how little I know about WW2. Now my dad and I have something to talk about.

5. Amazing Race -- Because it can't be all High Falootin'

Cylon said...

Oops, I forgot The State Within and Sleeper Cell 2.

Daniel said...

1. Sopranos, simply the bst
2. The Wire, simply the second best
3. Dexter, best of the second half of the year
4. Mad Men, great show
5. The Office, funny show
6. Brotherhood, good show

nothing more because Lost, Heroes, Prison Break are big BS

lisalupa said...

OK, this is way redundant at this point, but:
- The Wire
- 30 Rock
- The Office
- Sopranos
- Scrubs

troybob said...

'Prime Suspect' was a huge highlight and caps off a series that is one of the most amazing (though I think it was out last year in the UK, this year in the US). Inspired by that one (and a transplanted Georgian), I'm a big fan of 'The Closer'.

'Heroes' is a lot of fun, more if you leave the cynical overanalysis behind; maybe it helps if you've been into comic books at some point.

troybob said...

...and don't forget about 'The Riches', which might be easy because it's off-season...

anne_b said...

My year-end best ... in order:

1. Mad Men: my absolute favorite.
2. The Sopranos -- best performance sustained over time, best character development, best alternative world we all lived in while it was on. And BEST FINAL EPISODE. Ever.
3. Dexter ... though I think Best-Actor honors go to Michael C. Hall, just edging out Jon Hamm.
4. The War: this series changed the way I look at my country, as well as the necessity of defending it.
5. Weeds: best guilty pleasure.
6. The Daily Show (how I miss it).
7. The Riches
8. The Office
9. Damages
10. Project Runway

If this were a best-of-2008 list, The Wire would probably lead it. I can't wait for January!

Anonymous said...

The IT Crowd
Vivienne Vyle

Anonymous said...

The Daily Show
Friday Night Lights
The Riches
The Simpsons
Project Runway

Patricia Haddock said...

Absolutely have to include Dexter, Brotherhood, the Closer, the Shield.

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