Friday, January 4, 2008

What's Your Favorite Characater on the Wire?

This comes from the great "Wire" prequel/set-up to get everybody's blood pumping. But it sure asks a great question.

My Top 10 favorites, in order:

1. Omar.
2. D'Angelo.
3. Stringer Bell.
4. Lester.
5. Bunk.
6. Bubbles.
7. Norman.
8. McNulty.
9. Prop Joe.
10. Bodie.


Anonymous said...

1. Lester
2. McNutty
3. D'Angelo
4. Stringer
5. Bubbles
6. Bunk
7. Colvin
8. Omar
9. Prop Joe
10. Norman

Mon-sewer Paul Regret said...

Omar is my favorite, but since he wasn't mentioned in the first two lists, I'll add a shoutout to Wallace, yo.

Mon-sewer Paul Regret said...

And since I also don't see him on the other lists, Sen. Clay Davis.

domino87 said...

1. Stringer Bell - "We ain't gotta dream no more man."
2. Omar - "Omar back."
3. Mcnutty - "What the fuck did I do?"
4. City of Bal'more - "It's all in the game."
5. "D" - "It don't matter that some fool say he different..."
6. Bubbs - "It's a thin line 'tween heaven and here."
7. The Bunk - "The bigger the lie, the more they believe."
8. Norman - "Dont try this shit at home."
9. Avon - "Just a gangster, I suppose."
10. Prop Joe - "Fuck with me, I'll kill you're whole family."

matt said...

1. Omar
2. Stringer
3. Bodie
4. McNutty
5. Jay Landsman
6. Lester
7. Prop Joe
8. Marlo
9. Frank Sbotka
10. Avon

ppage said...

In no particular order...

Bunk - He's just so damn amusing. Great actor. Can still picture him in the bathroom burning his clothes.

Omar - Someone in another blog entry already said it: he's the best gay character ever. Loved it when he got pissed off that he didn't have any honey nut cheerios so he walked to the store in his silk pjs (gunless) terrifying the surrounding kids. Very charismatic actor.

Prop Joe - He's altogether smooth, dishonest, sloppy, smart, & trustworthy.

Rawls - Have seen many a Rawls in business. He can be an ass, a good guy, & a blow hard. He's also smart enough to stay just enough under the radar to survive & excel.

McNulty - I saw Dominick in an interview recently & was surprised that he has such an upper crust English accent. I think he does a beautiful job with the American accent & mannerisms. You just gotta love Mcnulty as one of the unifying characters.

Bodie - If McNulty is the heart beat of the cop/detective side, I think Bodie represents the street side. You really get the complete picture of the struggles on the street through Bodie's eyes.

Stringer Bell - Just a great, 3 dimensional character played by a smooth actor.

AND - I'm probably going to get a lot of heat for this comment......BUT.....

I don't think Sonja Sohn is a very good actress. I do get the joke that Kima's the female, gay version of McNulty. And I do like the way the character's written. I just feel Sonja's acting is very one dimensional. Whenever she's on screen I come out of my "Wire" trance & feel like I'm watching her act.

Anyway, three cheers for the upcoming final season!

ppage said...

Oh, I forgot Bubbles. What happened to him just broke my heart. I'm afraid they're too many Bubbles on the street.

hickcity said...


verite said...

1. Daniels
2. Bodie
3. Nick
4. Stringer
5. Snoop
6. Omar
7. Carver
8. Bunny
9. Wallace

OK said...

6.Prez (especially in season 4)

Tim Masterson said...

1. Lester - You can split the good from the bad on The Wire by their relationship to Lester. If they're helping him, they're good. If they're in his way or being chased by him, they're bad.
2. Bubbles
3. Daniels
4. Omar
5. McNulty - Just shows up strong this show is that he can be #4
6. Clay Davis
7. Snoop
8. Marlo
9. Randy
10. Valchek - Guy cracks me up.

(Not to mention: Stringer, Greggs, Michael, Landsman, Norman, Fuzzy Dunlop, Wee-Bay, Frank Sobotka, etc...)

Has any show had as many compelling characters?

pnm said...

1. Rawls - "McNulty, these are for you."

2. Bunny - Hamsterdam was brilliant

3. Jay - too many brilliant line to even begin listing them

4. Dukie - most heart-breaking character ever

5. Bunk - cuz he's the bunk

6. Omar - Indeed

7. Snoop - she scares the hell out of me

8. Wee-bay - one of the best-written minor characters on the show. He's an enforcer who loves his fish.

9. Lester - what can you say?

10. Clay - "Sheeeeee......." He's one the most evil people on the show without ever picking up a gun

11. Donut - As fabulous as the main characters are, it's the more minor characters that flush out the show and make it as great as it is.

shuna fish lydon said...

D'Angelo, Omar, McNulty, Snoop, and Wallace-- yes.

Thanks for the video.

Favorite scene-- when Omar was up on the stand and called out that corrupt lawyer, comparing himself to the lawyer and the game they all played. Gorgeous, full stop.

Pizzadrone said...

Agree with everyone that there are too many to choose from, but here it goes:

1. Bodie
2. Omar
3. Lester
4. Prop Joe
5. Valchek

Anonymous said...

These are in no order, since my absolute favorite changes daily.

1. Omar
2. Lester
3. Bubbles
4. McNulty - should be tied with Bunk, just for that one investigation scene
5. Kima
6. Randy - totally broke my heart last season, watching him lose all reasons to show that grin.
7. Norman
8. Bodie
9. Bunny
10. Snoop

And I know it's irrational, but on the other side, my hatred for Herc knows no bounds. His incompetence has gone from being funny to indirectly causing an accidental death, a near-death, a near-suicide, and Randy's move to the foster home.

I can't wait until Sunday.

martinesque said...

I agree with most of the common top 10-- Omar, Bubbles, McNutty, Wallace, D'Angelo, etc-- but can we get some love for Prez? What a character arc!

Tom said...

1. Omar
2. Bunk
3. McNutty
4. Lester
5. Bubbles
6. Prop Joe
7. Kima
8. Wee Bay
9. Bodie
10. Jay Landsman
Honorable Mention: Brother Mouzone, Avon, Stringer, Brianna Barksdale

Anonymous said...

Why has no one mentioned Chris yet?

You could almost combine Chris and Snoop into one character.

I think I will.

In no order.

1. Omar
2. Chris/Snoop
3. Wee-bay (also a good forgotten character)
6.Clay Davis
9.Prop Joe
10. And maybe my favorite , Rawls.

Trixie said...

Just got power restored about an hour ago - out since Friday am. We got walloped here in SF. Glad to be back online.

McNulty is honestly the one who drew me in from the very first episode, so, I'll go with him as my favorite. However, everytime Omar comes on screen, I sit straight up.

Numbers 3 through 10 would be:
- Bunk
- D'Angelo
- Bubbles
- Bunny Colvin
- The duo of Snoop & Chris Partlow
- Stringer Bell
- Lester
- The kids from Season 4 (Randy, Michael, Duquan and Namond)

I'll throw in an honorable mention to Carver who's had a great story arc, being Herc's sidekick in Season 1 to last season's heartbreaking scene when he drops Randy off to face his fate at the Boys' Home.

Oh, and we should have added Namond's mom to the list of scariest TV villians back on Halloween.

quazi said...

1. Omar
2. Bunk
3. Lester
4. McNutty
5. D'Angelo
6. Stringer
7. Prop Joe
8. Bubbles
9. Colvin
10. Chris & Snoop
11. Zig
12. Cutty

ppage said...

Where in Sf do you live? I live by the panhandle & it felt like a hurricane Friday. An entire tree, roots & all came down by my house.......

Good one about Namond's mom. What a scary bitch!

George D from the 415 said...

As Loyal wire fans, i thought you all could handle uncensored quotes.

1. McNutty "Fuck Me"
2 (really 1.5). Omar "You come at the King, you best not miss.
3. Bodie "This mus be one of dem contrapment things"
4. Lester "[Life]'s the shit that happens while you're waiting for moments that never come"
5. Bubbles "Much obliged"
6. Cutty "The game ain't in me no more. None of it"
7. Bunk "Makes me sick, mothafucka how far we done fell"
8. Carcetti "Then we're staring at defeat, and that defeat should not, cannot, and will not be forgiven"
9. Carver "What if I take him in"
10. Chris/Snoop "I know what you're saying, but you've been on the inside, on the inside ain't no pussy" "You din't even wait til we got him in the house"

Trixie said...

ppage: I'm in The Presidio. There were downed trees/parts of trees everywhere (including on our power lines). They said 70 mph winds at the GG Bridge which means that was what it was here. Lincoln Park is a mess, too. I haven't been through GG Park yet, but heard it got hit hard, so you must have really been feeling it in the Pandhandle.

GeorgeD: GREAT job on the quotes! You really captured each character.

Tom said...

Yes, great quotes, george d.

I hope everybody got to see the retrospective that HBO aired late last month. It was so much fun: Filled with the actors and writers talking about their favorite scenes and favorite characters.

"Makes me sick, mothafucka how far we done fell"
Wendell Pierce cited that scene between Bunk and Omar as his favorite.

Is it 9 p.m. yet?

suzyq2 said...

I've given this a lot of thought but it's like choosing which child you love best. They are all my favorite characters. There is something fascinating, endearing and captivating about them all which is one major reason The Wire is so great. No doubt.

Chipotle sux said...

1. Omar (duh)
2. Bunk
3. Freaman
4. Bodie
5. Landsman
6. Slim Charles
7. McNulty
8. Kima
9. Sen. Clay Davis
10. Donut

You should really start a few more blogs.

MJ said...

Hmmm...women aren't getting a lot of love on this show. Hopefully the writers will change that in Season 5.

Melissa said...
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Andrew said...

1. Vondas
2. Lester
3. Frank
4. Beadie
5. D'Angelo
6. Norman
7. Prop Joe
8. Cheese
9. Bunk
10. Omar

Tom said...

suzyq2: Oh, indeed.

It was hard just to pick 10, so I cheated and put up an honorable mention. Every character with any substantial screen time is three-dimensional, and so very real.

Do I like Namond's mom, for example? Oh hell no. But she is most definitely real, superbly written and superbly acted.

ferrethead said...

1. Stringer Bell (looking ad Idris Elba, you just KNOW there is a god)
2. Bubbles - hardest working, biggest heart, the entrepreneurial spirit epitomized
3. Omar - the man makes eating a 'coddie' look cool
4. Bodie - a true soldier to the end
5. Cutty - redemption is possible in this life
6. Prezbo - see above re: redemption, not much of a 'po-lice', but one hell of a teacher
7. Prop Joe - there's always a buck to be made, and Joe knows the angles
8. Lester Freamon - good po-lice
9. Kima - hold her own with the fellas, and then some
10. Carver - I don't know when I've seen a character actually grow more, in a positive way, that Carver has
Honorable Mention: Norman, Daniels, McNulty, Chris, and Sydnor (incredible 'productivity-to-words spoken' ratio

YogiBarrister said...

Rhonda Pearlman

YogiBarrister said...

His favorite TV show is THE WIRE.

luckystuff said...

1. Omar; he's got a code
2. (close second) Bubbles; got heart
3. Bodie, he is what he is
4. Stringer; died of a theory
5. The Bunk!
6 (tie). D'Angelo/Wallace, wrong time, wront place
8. McNutty, 'nuff said
9. Daniels, does right by his people
10. Prop Joe, let's make a deal

girlina said...

Why, oh why didn't you have this blog for Deadwood?

Anonymous said...

As I was watching "The Odyssey," I was writing down my top 10 favortie characters. This is so, so difficult.

1. Omar
2. Stringer
3. Norman
4. Bunk
5. McNulty
6. Carver
7. Lester
8. Chris
9. Michael
10. Bodie

...and I didn't even leave room for Daniels or Snoop. And Gus looks pretty promising, too.

On the other hand, Levy gets my "dishonorable mention" as my absolute least favorite character. God, I hope someone takes him out this season.

renton said...


Voguette said...

1. Omar, 2. Bunk, 3. Bubbles, 4. Stringer, 5. Avon, 6. McNulty, 7. Kima, 8. Norman, 9. Slim Chas., 10. Wee Bay

Anonymous said...

Can't leave a list yet, but disagree about Kima and other female characters, as I think the acting is strong. Best line there, the one Kima said about just being a new and inexperienced person.

In fairness, I missed a few of her episodes, maybe she was stretched too thin. But her portrayal of a working class black female in a sometimes hostile environment and how one has to maintain cover until/unless it's safe is pitch-perfect to me.

CasualObserver said...

I'm having a little trouble with a wandering mouse. The "anon" comment about Kima is mine, FWIW

B-More Wire Head said...

I don't have one favorite character, I have multiple favorites on this show. And it wasn't until this point that I realized that all of my favs are bad guys.

1. Bodie - He's definitely a soldier and the embodiment of Baltimore's streets.

2. Snoop/Chris - The best hit men duo ever. There's nobody more easy going at killing than Partlow "I'll keep it quick."

3. Marlo - This guy is the most menacing and calculating and he doesn't even say much. Great poker face.

4. Avon - Nobody plays a hood or great drug dealer like Wood Harris

5. Weebay - Just another example of how an enforcer gets very comfortable with killing people

Dony said...

1. McNulty
2. D'Angelo
3. Bunk
4. Norman
5. Carcetti
6. Cutty
7. Chris Partlow
8. Rawls
9. Landsman
10. Colvin

Jen G said...

Warning: I went overboard...

There are so many characters to choose from so I think I will pick the ones who have moved me the most over the course of the series. I think it goes without saying that original characters such as Omar and Stringer “make” the show and remain memorable for us but the lasting images I’ll take with me include:
Wallace: He made me understand how some of these boys end up on the corners. And how hard it is to get out—even when they just want to be normal high school kids (Dukie and Randy did this for me as well. Michael, too, but he’s going the other way.)
Beadie: Her backstory of just trying to find a job to support her kids. The look on her face when she finds all those bodies. The tears she wiped away after looking at Frank Sobotka’s dead body.
Bodie: All his loyalty and hard work led to…he grew a lot in 4 seasons. From a scared kid following execution orders to running his own corner. With integrity and playing by “the rules”.
The Major Crimes and Homicide Units: Griggs getting shot remains one of the most moving ensemble scenes they’ve done. For me it was the moment I sat up on the couch and knew I would watch anything connected to Simon and Burns. Runner-up: Ray Cole’s wake at the bar. Knowing that in real life, producer Robert Colesberry had just died, watching everyone sing that Pogues song…
D’Angelo: How could you not root for him? He never had any choice, being born into the family business.
Nick’s father, whatever his name was: That actor had very few scenes, but man, did you feel for him. He did nothing and saw his brother and son just make very bad decisions.
Bunny: Taking those kids to a steak dinner, adopting Namond, Hamsterdam. You want this man protecting you.
Prez: Has any character gone through an arc like this? I hated him for his ineptitude in the beginning, then loved the way he learned from Lester and discovering his way with puzzles and finally feeling like he fit in. Of course, then it all goes tragically wrong and yet he manages to forge a second career as a teacher.

Deggans said...

Here's my list of favorite Wire characters (and yes, TG, I'm trying to steal your Web traffic!)

lifeisgood67 said...

My faves: Omar, Stringer Bell, Lester, Carver,
Bubs, Bunny, Dukie, Randy Cutty and Prez (but only after season 4)

Biggest tools: David Parenti, Brother Mouzone

Did anyone else see Gone Baby Gone and whisper under their breath, about 90 minutes in, "Omar..."

ferrethead said...

life - three minutes in, whispering "Beadie..."

Cecile said...

close to the top 10... Cutty, Duquan, Chris, PJ, D'Angelo
10. Norman
9. Stringer Bell
8. Bunk
7. Michael Lee
6. Daniels
5. Bubbs
4. Colvin
3. Randy
2. Lester
1. Omar

ME said...

Here's my list:

Poot_Carr said...

1. Prop Joe
2. Stringer Bell
3. Bodie
4. Kima
5. Norman
6. Lester
7. Ellis
8. Poot
9. Clay Davis
10 Sidnor